• unique and patented water filter
  • zero maintenance costs
  • made entirely of Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • easy installation
  • low noise
  • low environmental impact

  • leather processing
  • laser and plasma cutting
  • metal cleaning and polishing
  • sulphur extraction
  • smelting
Range: 1500-2400m3/h
Power: 2,2/3 kw

Range: 4500-6500-9500m3/h
Power: 7,5/11 kw

Range: 13500m3/h
Power: 15 kw

technical specifications (PDF) technical specifications (PDF) technical specifications (PDF)
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The air to be treated (and thus the dust it contains) enters through the main pipe. A first blasting is done by means of a cyclone of air, made very effective by its special internal design formation, whereas a second blasting occurs when a fine spray of water is produced from within the channeling system and is forced downstream with the cyclone. The dust subsequently ends up in a removable tray where water can be added in order to create more ‘pull’ with which to retain the finer dust collectors particles.
Finally, the lighter weight particles are subjected to a third and final blast of water, generated inside a tank located between the sprinklers and the clean air output channel: at this point the originally polluted air reappears clean. The maximum percentage of dust removal achieved by our products is 97.1%.

Essentially there are just two optional extras for our dust suppressants: the briquette and the cochlea with screw rotary valve. Both products are used when there are large amounts of material to be removed. To avoid having to empty the tray several times, it can instead be connected to one of the above mentioned parts, the essential difference between them being that the briquette also "compacts" the extracted material. When this reappears out through the briquette or cochlea it ends its journey in a tank. The tank can be customized to meet the client’s needs, (to the right size, in the right type of material, with or without forklift brackets).
Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:
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